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monster Action vinyl 12inch Tabernacle records buy € 11.99 Collin Strange Private Room 1 Private Room 2 Private Lives 3 Private Thoughts Medium Format Label Action MP3   LIES buy € 3.96 vinyl 12inch Lies032.5 buy € 14.99 System Olympia Dusk & Dreamland more...1 Call Girl 2 Lamb 3 Close To My Nebula 4 Night Rise Medium Format Label Action MP3   Slow Motion Italy buy € 5.83 vinyl 12inch Slomo030 buy € 12.99 E-dancer Pump The Move 1 Pump The M...


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Meta descriptionDutch record label and shop specializing in experimental/underground electronic dance music.
meta-tagsclone, records, rotterdam, disco, electro, techno, underground, legowelt, sales, excellence, future, vinyl, 12inch, 7inch, 10inch, cd, compact disc, music, reissues, recordings
H1-6 tagsH1: Recommended
H2: Larry Heard - 25 Years From Alpha
H2: Tomislav Simovic - Visitors from the Galaxy (OST)
H2: Frak - Altan Gathering
H2: DJ Sotofett - Borft EP
H2: Sven Weisemann - Separate Paths EP
H2: Various Artists - Voiceless Y
H2: Credit 00 - Game Over
H2: Das Ding - Industrial Universal
H2: Joakim Ahlund & Jockum Nordstrom - Draculas Son
H2: Conforce - Hypothetical Future Point
H2: SFV Acid - Jazzchamber
H2: Simon Haydo - Redux
H2: Latest Charts
H2: Live from the Clone Shop
H3: 5ive / Samo DJ / Powder
H3: 5ive / Samo DJ / Powder
H3: 33 10 3402
H3: Air Lqd
H3: Albrecht La'brooy
H3: Alton Miller
H3: Ancient Methods
H3: Andreas Gehm
H3: Antoni Maiovvi
H3: Avion
H3: Becker
H3: Collin Strange
H3: Coopers
H3: Das Ding
H3: Demdike Stare
H3: Detroit Diesel
H3: Digital Funk Addicts
H3: Dj Deep
H3: Dj Duke
H3: Dj Joe Lewis
H3: E-dancer
H3: Eoism
H3: Erdem Tunakan & Alpha Tracks
H3: Erdem Tunakan & Alpha Tracks
H3: J Dilla
H3: J Mono
H3: John Swing
H3: Kamikaze Space Programme
H3: Kyle Hall
H3: Le Car
H3: Mater Suspiria Vision
H3: Michal Turtle
H3: Ngly
H3: Patrice Scott
H3: Phil Agosta
H3: Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement
H3: Repeated Viewing
H3: Roberto Musci
H3: Shinedoe
H3: Shit & Shine
H3: Silver Linings
H3: Simoncino
H3: Sm Nurse
H3: Steve Rachmad
H3: Suso Saiz
H3: Suzanne Kraft
H3: System Olympia
H3: The System
H3: The True Underground Sound Of Rome
H3: Tolouse Low Trax
H3: Vercetti Technicolor
H3: Volkan Akaalp
H3: A Thunder Orchestra
H3: Acronym
H3: Alex Cortex
H3: Antenna / Mark du Mosch
H3: Anton Zap
H3: Antoni Maiovvi
H3: Aquarian Motion
H3: Arnaldo
H3: Artefakt
H3: Arthur Russell
H3: Artists
H3: Auntie Flo
H3: Axel Boman
H3: Benedikt Frey
H3: Billy Ray de la Haye
H3: Billy Ray de la Haye
H3: Bruce
H3: CVBox
H3: Cecil Lyde
H3: Clone Distributed
H3: Clone Related
H3: Conforce
H3: Credit 00
H3: D'Marc Cantu
H3: D'Marc Cantu
H3: DJ Boring / Magna
H3: DJ Heure
H3: DJ Heure
H3: DJ OK / DJ bwin
H3: DJ Sotofett
H3: DJ Sotofett
H3: DJ T-1000
H3: Dalvik
H3: Das Ding
H3: De-Bons-en-Pierre
H3: De-Bons-en-Pierre
H3: Dj Boneyard
H3: Dj Plant Texture
H3: Dollkraut
H3: Dona
H3: Dorisburg
H3: Dorisburg
H3: Doubler
H3: Dynamo Dreesen
H3: Edward
H3: Ernestas Sadau
H3: Ewan Jansen
H3: Exhausted Modern
H3: Fallbeil
H3: Farron
H3: Fells Point
H3: Florist
H3: Florist
H3: Frak
H3: G Strings
H3: Gary Gritness
H3: Genre
H3: Gerait
H3: Gianmaria Coccoluto
H3: Gustav Goodstuff
H3: H&S
H3: Haku
H3: Henrik Schwarz
H3: House Of Doors
H3: Hugo Gerani
H3: I-f
H3: JP Enfant
H3: Jared Wilson
H3: Jared Wilson
H3: Joakim Ahlund & Jockum Nordstrom
H3: Khidja
H3: LA-4A
H3: Lake People
H3: Larry Heard
H3: Larry Heard
H3: Latest
H3: Linkwood Family
H3: Long Island Sound
H3: Lost Trax
H3: Louis Haiman
H3: Luis Luchetti
H3: Lumpex
H3: Marcellus Pittman
H3: Markus Suckut
H3: Mesak
H3: Metamatics
H3: Mick Wills
H3: Mike Collins
H3: Mike Huckaby
H3: Mike Huckaby
H3: Mike Huckaby
H3: Mike Huckaby
H3: MinimalRome
H3: Mosey
H3: New
H3: New
H3: Nimoy
H3: Octual / Mathame / Maukook
H3: Octual / Mathame / Maukook
H3: Offset
H3: Oluko Imo
H3: Oluko Imo
H3: Pepe Bradock
H3: Popular
H3: Popular
H3: Privacy
H3: Project Pablo
H3: R-Zone
H3: Reel By Real
H3: Rhythim Is Rhythim
H3: Robin Lohrey
H3: Rude 66
H3: SFV Acid
H3: SFV Acid
H3: Shahara-Ja
H3: Shokh
H3: Simon Haydo
H3: Steffi & Dexter
H3: Steffi
H3: Succhiamo
H3: Sven Weisemann
H3: Sven Weisemann
H3: TAFKAMP / Thanos Hana
H3: Telephones
H3: The Mystic Jungle Tribe
H3: The Neon Judgement
H3: Three Of You
H3: Three Of You
H3: Timothy J. Fairplay
H3: Tin Man
H3: Tin Man
H3: Tomislav Simovic
H3: Trevino
H3: Tropical Echoes
H3: Ubre Blanca
H3: Ulwhednar
H3: Unit Moebius
H3: Unit Moebius
H3: Unknown Artist
H3: Unknown Artist
H3: V/A
H3: Various Artist
H3: Various Artists
H3: Various Artists
H3: Various Artists
H3: Various Artists
H3: Various Artists
H3: Various Artists
H3: Vernon Felicity
H3: Voiski
H3: Wolfsheim
H4: Odisea
H4: Phantoms Of Dreamland
H4: The System EP
H4: Tower Of Silence
H4: Baskin O.S.T.
H4: Black September
H4: Street Force
H4: Antropophagus (The Giallo Disco Remixes) EP
H4: My Moon
H4: Donuts
H4: Free Trance Vol 2
H4: Free Trance Vol 1
H4: Assorted Moods
H4: So Good To You
H4: Wonderland
H4: Change Reaction
H4: Involve 012
H4: Clouds
H4: Green Graves
H4: Maximal Fun EP
H4: Dimension
H4: What You Get For Being Young
H4: Cellarworx EP
H4: Crossing 008
H4: Numbers Stations/Duga 3
H4: Edgewater Towers
H4: Remain Neutral
H4: Decades Vol 2
H4: Zzz
H4: The First Siren
H4: Cuts Vol 3 (New Horizons)
H4: D2-D2
H4: Higher Level
H4: Parallel Shopping
H4: Sound Travelling
H4: Missing Tapes
H4: Euphonium The Album
H4: Auto-Reverse
H4: Tribute To Detroit
H4: That's The Body
H4: The Water Is Fine EP
H4: Ngizo Ku Linda
H4: Ich Traume So Leise Von Dir
H4: Total Shit!
H4: Cities Of Illusion
H4: Mecanica No 1
H4: Deep EP
H4: Pump The Move
H4: Dusk & Dreamland
H4: Private Room
H4: S/T
H4: Miles Away
H4: Firecracker EP 2
H4: 25 Years From Alpha
H4: Harmonie Park Classics Volume 2
H4: Sinai Hypnosis
H4: The Land Of Dreams
H4: The Eastside Story EP
H4: Tundra
H4: Baseline 88-89
H4: The Versatility EP
H4: Back In The Mists Of Time
H4: Tapenade 2
H4: Imbroglios 4/4
H4: White Material
H4: Levelled
H4: The Dolphin Hotel Affair Vol.1
H4: Karma EP
H4: Echoes Of You Ep
H4: Shall I Do It? (Mick Wills versions)
H4: Tuff Times
H4: Wargames #122
H4: Eclipse
H4: Aquatonic Dissonance
H4: Ep
H4: The Sadist
H4: Life Out Of Balance
H4: Ghosts
H4: Harmonie Park Classics Volume 1 Remastered
H4: Bessemerbirne (Mono Junk remix)
H4: The Sparrow And The Nightingales (Ancient Methods Remix)
H4: Drum Electronic Sound
H4: Drum Electronic Sound
H4: Lost Embers EP
H4: 1996 EP
H4: Praise Jah
H4: Zatlap
H4: Alter VU
H4: Untitled EP
H4: House Crime 3
H4: Nokia / Heights Machine
H4: Na Mele A Ka Haku (Music of Haku)
H4: Music's Our Love
H4: Cyclone EP
H4: Beyond the Pillars of Hercules
H4: FP009
H4: FP010
H4: Forest Fruit E.P
H4: Forest Fruit E.P
H4: Commercial Sample
H4: Last Place You Look EP
H4: So ist es im Nadelwald
H4: Winona EP
H4: Visitors from the Galaxy (OST)
H4: This Is Land Of Dance parts 1 & 2
H4: Robin Lohrey EP
H4: Altan Gathering
H4: Instrumentals
H4: Prescription: Word, Sound & Power
H4: Windows On The World
H4: Windows On The World
H4: Night Games
H4: Untitled
H4: Kinship
H4: Lost Tapes 1983 - 1989
H4: The Healer
H4: Room 110
H4: The Sugar Cane Chronicles 2
H4: Phasing Faces Vol. 2
H4: Phasing Faces Vol. 2
H4: Untitled
H4: Borft EP
H4: Strings Of Life
H4: The V.G.P. Sessions
H4: R-Zone 17
H4: Separate Paths EP
H4: TH006
H4: Where Is The Champion?
H4: S/T
H4: The Man
H4: The Smooth Dance
H4: Zero Value
H4: Break The Pattern
H4: Voiceless Y
H4: Game Over
H4: Off The Grid
H4: Dripping Acid 2
H4: Dripping Acid 5
H4: Industrial Universal
H4: Modern Silver
H4: Shufflehead
H4: Exile 006
H4: Impossible Holiday
H4: Marble Sadness
H4: The Polymath ep
H4: Soulation ep
H4: Bodypop EP
H4: Crepes EP
H4: Crepes EP
H4: Cockerill-Sombre EP
H4: Thixotropic Trax
H4: Draculas Son
H4: From Reason To Ritual
H4: The Soniferous Garden
H4: Not Also You
H4: Holy Ghost People LP
H4: Stone Free
H4: Hypothetical Future Point
H4: Junction EP
H4: Midnight On Ecorse Creek
H4: Adams/Branca
H4: Geeks / Voodoo
H4: Habitat EP (Frak remix)
H4: Vibes (Call Super, Fett Burger Remix)
H4: Jazzchamber
H4: Jazzchamber
H4: Hypnopompic
H4: Bapbap EP
H4: Live In Napoli
H4: Internal Affairs (The Remixes)
H4: Good Music Hips, Bad Music Fists E.P
H4: Before You Sleep / In Line / Sweat
H4: Ecotone
H4: Portrait Of A Dead Girl: The Cause
H4: Redux
H4: Drunkenstein
H4: Drunkenstein
H4: Outsider Resource
H4: Outsider Resource
H4: v983
H4: March 2017 Chart
H4: Peelpaal
H4: February 2017 Chart
H4: March Chart
H4: Sabbatical Top 10
H4: 25 Years From Alpha
H4: Praise Jah
H4: I'm An Arabian Knight
H4: Prescription: Word, Sound & Power
H4: Outro Tempo: Electronic and Contemporary Music From Brazil 1978-1992
H4: Borft EP
H4: Separate Paths EP
H4: Midnight On Ecorse Creek
H4: Hypnopompic
H4: Scented Trip
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